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Welcome to about us: Where to Meet Shemales, the website to help you meet local shemales and make your fantasy come true. Hello! I’m Krissy your shemale webmistress here at wheretomeetshemales.com.

About Us: Where to Meet Shemales and Webmistress Krissy.Name: Krissy
Age: 31
Personal: Pre-Op Transsexual
Height: 5′ 9″
Weight: 143
Location: Phoenix, AZ
Occupation: Sales and Marketing
Hobbies: Good food, cooking, wine tasting, snorkeling
Likes: Fine food, traveling the world, poker
Dislikes: Wasting time and money

I’ve made this site kinda for fun. I thought it would be fun to connect with shemales, shemale admirers and anyone else who might find the transgender culture interesting. I’m happy to be here to connect with all of you and answer any questions you have about me or the site. Some of you may know me from ShemaleChatr’s live shemale chat. Please say hi when you see me online!

About Me: Shemale Krissy

First, I’d like to introduce myself so you will know a little more about me and why I’ve spent time building this site. I’m from Phoenix Arizona, so I prefer warm climates. The snow and rain are great for a while but I’d prefer the sunshine! I love being able to hang out by the beach or pool with little or no clothes on.

I really enjoy making new friends and meeting new people. People’s differences are beautiful and I really enjoy learning about diversity.

I’m very open-minded in and out of bed and love trying new things. If you’re wanting to be with me you better be willing to have fun, be spontaneous and try new things. Making passionate love is one of my favorite things in the world but sometimes I prefer to just act like animals and rip each other’s clothes off.

I love having the opportunity to get to know people online here at wheretomeetshemales.com. Why don’t you leave a message to let me know if something was helpful or fun, or even if we screwed something up? Just keep it real.  I’ll keep adding more to the site soon as long as people are visiting.

Thanks for checking out my site :)


My favorite quote

“forgive your enemies but never forget their names”


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